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Pain Less Than 3

A Mission Worth Taking On

The Pain Rating Scale

The medical community uses a pain rating scale of 0-10. The pain scale is also called the visual analog scale or VAS by medical professionals

A Mission Worth Taking on

Pain is the 2nd most complaint of all patients, next only to the common cold.

To relieve the pain, far too many patients try addictive pain medications, injections, or even surgeries.

We believe that no one should suffer pain more than 3.

Our mission is to help patients reduce their pain by following a few simple principles.

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    Reduce pain to less than 3 with no medications, injections, or surgeries.
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    Do everything possible to establish an accurate diagnosis.
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    Help each patient get their life back.

A Word From Our Medical Director

As a professional in the field of Spine Care for over 15 years I have helped thousands of people with their back and neck pain.

Whether the diagnosis called for physical therapy, pain management or minimally invasive spine surgery, I helped each patient make the choice for treatment case by case knowing that each patient trusted me with their health and well-being.

Success for me has never been about how many patients I treat, rather it has always been about how many patients I have treated that have had successful outcomes. The goal has always been and will continue to be to help each patient achieve a pain level of less than 3 with no medication. After all, what good have I done for my patient if all I have done is set them up for a lifetime of pain medicine in order to make it through each day?

Patients deserve more than a lifetime of pain and debilitating medication and it is my mission to deliver that higher expectation to each and every person who entrusts me with their care.

So join me and my professional colleagues as we set forth on this mission of having each and every one of our patients enjoy pain less than 3 without having to take medication.